Ryan Lunen and Diana Christopherson graduated from Mullan High School June 2, 1995. Shortly after graduation, Ryan 17, and Diana 18, were killed in separate automobile accidents by drunk drivers. This scholarship was established as a way to always remember these two special young people who were lost to us so tragically.

The Ryan and Diana Memorial Scholarship Fund was established to provide an opportunity for Mullan High School Graduates to further their education at a school of their choice. The recipients of this scholarship need not be at the top of the class, just want to continue their education. Selection will be made on basis of scholarship, school and community activities, citizenship, and general worthiness. All categories will be given consideration.  The amount of the scholarship is 250 dollars and two are awarded each year.


  1. Graduating Senior of current class of Mullan High School
  2. Plan to attend a College, University, Vocational or Technical Education program in the Fall
  3. Good Citizenship
  4. Scholarship
  5. Dependability
  6. Leadership
  7. General Worthiness



  1. Complete enclosed application on or before April 10.
  2. Submit a copy of your high school transcript.
  3. Submit three letters of reference; one each from a family member, teacher or school administrator, and unrelated community member.
  4. Submit a personal statement of your future goals.
  5. On a separate page, answer this question:

What are your feelings about Drunk Driving?

      6.    Submit completed application packet to the Mullan High School Office.

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