Mullan Masonic Lodge #50 AM & FM Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to provide an opportunity for a Mullan High School graduate to enhance his/her personal growth and to demonstrate his/her interest in preparing for a career by attending college.


    1. Academic
    1. Be a senior member of the current graduating class from Mullan High School.
    2. Plan to enter an accredited, degree-granting, two or four year university or college in the fall term commencing after graduation from high school.
    1. Personal
    1. Good citizenship
    2. Scholarship
    3. Dependability
    4. Leadership
    5. General worthiness


    1. Each application must be typed and presented in booklet form. Please use regular-size folders and fasten your materials securely. Each application must include information in the following order:
    1. A complete application form (minus the instruction page).
    2. Two letters of reference (not both from teachers).
    3. A personal statement of your future goals. This should include your college major and minor and your choice of vocation.
    1. Return completed application booklet to the counselor by due date.
    2. If you are awarded a scholarship, you are expected to send a thank you letter to the scholarship donor.

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